Company Profile

Riverain Fish & Food Processing Industries Ltd, Sagorika Road, Chittagong (Former Orion Seafoods Ltd), Bangladesh has been in the field of processing of a variety of fish and fishery products for export as well as for domestic markets since 1980. In order to sustain in the seafood business, the current factory management had upgraded it’s facility with state of the art technology to meet all the requirements as mentioned in FIQC Rules , EU & US FDA regulations. The company is pleased to using the brand “Sea Fresh” brand.

HACCP system is a scientific and systematic way of enhancing the safety of foods from primary production to final consumption through the identification, evaluation and control of hazards which are significant for safety.HACCP can be applied throughout the food chain, from the primary producer to final consumer. In addition, the application of HACCP system can aid inspection by regulatory authorities and promote international trade by increasing confidence in food safety. The successful application of HACCP requires the full commitment and involvement of management and the workforce. It also requires a team approach; this team should include appropriate experts.

The management of the establishment is totally committed to the task of producing safe, wholesome and quality fish and fishery products free from adulteration.The food safety management system described in this manual applies to all Fish and Fishery Products processed in this factory will conforms to relevant National, EU, US-DA and International Food safety legislation and regulations as well as compliance with the requirements of the ISO and other International Standards incorporating HACCP.

Commitment of HACCP Implementation :

The undersigned have perused the rules and regulation of US- FDA, EU and Government of Bangladesh in respect of processing fish and fisheries products set for the processors, exporters and importers and giving to abide by these.

Understanding the reality and utility of HACCP concept as a tool to assess hazards, establish control system, focusing closely on prevention rather than end product testing, the undersigned, on behalf on the company is hereby giving the commitment to implement HACCP program at all steps of fish processing operation to assure food quality and food safety.

Also the undersigned hereby declares that a periodic review of activities of HACCP plan and program will be made and shall revalidate the same as and when required.

(MD Shahjahan Chowdhury)

Managing Director

Riverain Fish & Food Processing Industries Ltd